VAXEL Partner Program 

VAXEL Partner Program enables training providers, academic institutions, HR consultancies to provide their clients with best in class cloud hosted, co-branded LMS, mobile app and updated job relevant ELearning certification programs, thereby increasing their incremental revenues.

Why Partner With VAXEL ?

VAXEL Partner Program

VAXEL is on a mission to design, develop and deploy effective blended learning solutions. Pursuant to the same, we seek to partner with like minded organizations, institutions and individuals who share in our vision of providing scalable, affordable, flexible blended learning courses.                                                                                   We call this the ABLE (Adaptive, Blended Learning Experiential) approach. by combining the best of ELearning i.e. 24/7 course content access, on demand quizzing and testing, comprehensive analytics and reporting, gamification; and combining that with the best of off line learning i.e. in person learner instruction, mentoring advice and guidance- we enable learners to experience a truly immersive, effective learning environment.        Our partners get to leverage our expertise in providing compelling professional training and certification elearning courses along dedicated technical infrastructure. Further we also provide updated content thus ensuring that our partners initial start up costs are minimal.                                                                                              VAXEL seeks to partner with individuals / institutions / companies seeking to leverage the opportunity provided by the Skill India and Digital India campaigns of the Government of India.By partnering with VAXEL, you and your organization can help young professionals,especially in Tier 2 & 3 cities/towns to access short term, modular, job focused, skill development online programs.

VAXEL Partner Program Benefits

VAXEL Learning Platform is a plug & play platform, designed to generate revenues from Day1. VAXEL ensures ready online course availability, LMS setup and administration, dedicated mobile application (for Premier Partners Only), comprehensive on boarding training, support and guidance. We focus on rapid setup and deployment with minimal investment.

Benefits & Use Cases for...

Independent Trainers

Use Case: Existing offline Softskills / Technical trainer can cross-sell ELearning courses to existing and new customers, thereby generating additional revenues, gain new business and differentiate from competition; without making huge upfront investment of tens of lakhs of rupees in custom LMS development, ELearning content development, dedicated course marketing and LMS admin + Online learner support.                   Benefits

  • Cross-sell to existing customers and generate incremental revenues
  • Gain entry into new L&D and corporate training mandates due to new Elearning capability
  • Enhance and broad base existing product /service offerings

Coaching Centres

Use Case: Existing coaching centres offering CA, MBA, Bank PO, GATE coaching can offer our courses to their students in final year graduation/post graduation. This will enable their students to be job ready post completion of our online certification training programs.                               Benefits

  • Generate incremental revenues from existing student pool
  • Differentiate from competitors through wider course offerings
  • Increase utilization of existing infrastructure like classrooms, labs etc.
  • Reduce revenue concentration risk due to dependency on offline only courses

Academic Institutions 

Use Case: Existing B- Schools & Engineering Colleges can offer job relevant re skilling and online certification courses to students, faculty and working professionals. As these institutions have ready infrastructure (Computer labs, broadband internet, power backup etc); their upfront startup cost is minimal.                     Benefits

  • Increase utilization of existing resources and facilities
  • Expose students to live projects
  • Increase students job readiness
  • get entry into executive education market

Online Marketplaces 

UseCase: Existing test prep marketplaces such as those for CA, MBA, Engg, Bank PO prep can offer online courses.           Benefits

  • Increase revenues from value added services
  • Effectively leverage and cross sell to existing customer base
  • Option to bundle Elearning courses with existing offerings

VAXEL's Comprehensive Elearning Platform Package comprises of the following:

  • Co-branded Cloud based LMS with Easy Setup & Management
  • Mobile Application (Only for Premier Partners)
  • Access to Course Content
  • Marketing Support
  • Centralized Learner Support
  • 24/7 Learner Access to Course Content
  • Optional live online and in person modules
  • Best-in-class content delivered by instructors

VAXEL Partner Program Features

Multiple Partnership Models for:

  • Independent Trainers
  • Offline Training Partners
  • Academic Partners
  • Online Course Marketplace

Attractive Revenue Sharing

Co-Creation of Customized Courses (Only for Premier Partners)

VAXEL Partner Program FAQs

How do we deliver VAXEL courses to our clients ?

Our dedicated Account Manager and partner portal access helps to on board train and support our partners to deliver VAXEL courses to your customers.Our user friendly LMS (Learning Management System) enables managing learners, assigning courses and tracking learner progress in real time.                                                      For example a HR consultant with a huge database of job seekers can cross sell VAXEL certification courses and earn incremental revenues. VAXEL will provide the LMS, course content, marketing collateral and take care of learner support through our LMS.                                                                                                                                             Similarly a CA coaching institute can offer our courses (online / blended) to their final year graduate / post graduate students, thus enabling them to obtain a job specific professional certification (CFP, CFA, GST, FRM, Big Data, Digital Marketing etc) while completing their existing coaching programs.

As a VAXEL Partner, can I re-sell courses to both individuals and enterprises?

Yes, A authorized VAXEL partner can re-sell our courses and training programs along with their existing course /service offerings to individuals, enterprises , or both.

What is the initial investment to become a VAXEL partner?

The initial investment depends on the partner category selected:

  • Independent Trainers
  • Offline Training / Coaching Centres
  • Academic Institutions
  • Online Marketplaces.

As each of the above partner categories have different skill sets, capabilities and resources; the initial investment is accordingly determined.As VAXEL ensures that the partner makes ZERO upfront investment in content development, LMS setup and administration, initial course marketing and also ensure 24/7 learner support; we aim to ensure the partner is fully ready and revenue generating in the shortest possible time.

What kind of support VAXEL provides ?

VAXEL provides comprehensive on boarding, training and support to our partners, which includes:

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Full Course Content Access
  • Co-branded LMS
  • Mobile App (Only for Premier Partners)
  • Marketing Support (Brochures, course catalogs, newsletters, offline outreach events)
  • Customer Care Support

Will we be able to include our institute / organization brand logo ?

The LMS will be co-branded with VAXEL and your institution's logos. This is the LMS sign up page.The course content solely has VAXEL branding and logo. Further the course content being centrally designed, developed and deployed, cannot be modified/customized unless its part of one of our Enterprise licenses.

Awesome! So let's get started. What's the next steps ?

Great :) , We are seeking to tie-up with committed, long term partners to reach every corner of India. To enable fresh graduates and ambitious working professionals who seek to take charge of their careers by continually upgrading their skills. To initiate a mutually beneficial long term partnership, please email us at: