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About Us: VAXEL 

(Value Added eXperiential Enhanced Learning) Solutions Private Limited was founded in Aug,2012 in Mumbai, by Mr. Vijay Xavier. It was set-up as a sole proprietorship and in February , 2014 incorporated as a Private Limited Company.

Origins of VAXEL

Prior to setting up VAXEL, founder Vijay Xavier, had over 8 years of work experience across CRM, Financial Analysis, E Learning and Analytics Consulting working for blue chip companies Exl Services, CRISIL, TFSR and Hewlett Packard. As a young professional Vijay realized the huge gap between industry need for skilled, job ready candidates and limited skill sets of fresh graduates.

The modern work place is characterized with shorter career spans, more career changes, rising competition from new and existing players; making it imperative for companies and individuals to ensure that they have the mindset for lifelong learning to ensure survival and growth. VAXEL's mission is exactly that, to enable lifelong learning...

Empowering Lifelong Learning

VAXEL realized that working professionals, especially those who were restless, hungry to learn, self-starters were seeking modular, short-term, focused re skilling and upskilling certification programs to enable them to differentiate themselves from the competition.

The need for such industry recognized certifications was to enable working professionals  to acquire role specific skillsets, enhance their knowledge base and develop aptitudes.However, as these executives were working full time, generic classroom based re skilling and certification courses were not suitable , especially considering constraints related to time, cost, travel, batch flexibility etc.

On the other hand, working executives can access ELearning courses 24/7 to fulfill their upskilling/reskilling needs.These ELearning courses have become synonymous with Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs)- generic, self paced, mostly video based online courses with hundreds of thousands of learners with limited faculty interaction, poor peer interaction and unclear career benefits.

These generic MOOC courses have high drop out rates, in spite of their Free/Low course fees and limited learning efficacy.Thereby leading to learner disillusionment.

How to bridge these two extremes ?

VAXEL aims to address the limitations of conventional ELearning and yet be more affordable, accessible and adaptable than offline in-person training by providing learners and organizations with it's unique ABLE (Adaptive Blended Learning Experiential) model based SPOC (Small Private Online Courses).

What is ABLE ?

Providing learners with a engaging online learning experience by leveraging social, collaborative and mobile capabilities of the VAXEL Learning Platform, while further combining the benefits of off line learning such as in person experiential capstone workshops.

As the focus is on scalable learning effectiveness and efficacy; our SPOC (Small Private Online Courses) ensure that learners have access to continual facilitator mentorship and support, along with the regular interaction with other participants via live online classes and in-person workshops. The 3 benefits of ABLE model are:

1) Adaptive

VAXEL Learning Platform combines unique pedagogical elements to design, develop and deploy a personalized learning path for each learner, which adapts to the learner's progress and evolving competency during the program duration.

To achieve this,VAXEL LMS captures social, mobile and collaborative interactions by learners with the content, faculty and fellow learners, along with assessing their participation and contribution during live online classes, quizzes, and experiential face to face capstone workshop sessions.

This enables us to create a holistic learning path of each learner which is shared with the facilitator to provide real time, hands on feedback, advice and mentoring on a continuous basis; thereby enabling learners to be focused on their learning outcomes, ensure timely completion of their assignments and enable them to achieve their learning objectives.                                                                                                                                                              

2) Blended Learning

VAXEL is agnostic to both E Learning and Off line learning. We believe that for learning to be effective, it needs to combine the best of both worlds i.e. the best of E Learning and off line learning. To achieve that we follow a learning model comprising of 4 key components:

  • Self Paced Videos
  • Gamification
  • Live Online Classes
  • Capstone Experiential Workshops

The actual contribution of each of the above 4 components depends on multiple factors- such as business objectives (for B2B deployments), scale of deployment,program duration, batch size, prior academic background, learner locations and / or learner access to broadband Internet.                                                               

3) Experiential

Learning by doing is one of the most effective approaches to enable learning efficacy including retention, competency development and skill enhancement. Pursuant to the same VAXEL has ties up with various hardware, software, service and facility providers along with well qualified, experienced SMEs to ensure a seamless, coherent experiential learning component for all programs offered by VAXEL and its partners via the VAXEL Learning Platform.

Our Approach to Online Learning

Providing Adaptive Blended Learning Experiential (ABLE) based courses delivered via Small Private Online Courses (SPOC) through our Learning Management System (LMS) for effectively meeting the continuous professional development and upskilling needs of Indian working professionals and corporates; by combining the best of E-learning and off line face-to-face learning.To achieve this, VAXEL leverages ABLE to target 3 sub-segments:

Corporate Training

  • Reach entire organizations and drive business impact through our adaptive, blended learning & experiential (ABLE) courses.
  • Stay agile through modular, white labeled, mobile first, cloud hosted customized ELearning courses.
  • Enable clients to design, develop and deploy rapid learning interventions through our ABLE approach.

Professional Certifications

  • Develop skilled professionals and ensure scalable skills development
  • Ensure clients can achieve their L&D goals via via engaging and flexible programs
  • Enable clients to deploy rapid learning interventions in accordance with changing business needs

Executive Education

  • Deliver more effective executive education programs rooted in ABLE model.
  • Enable institutions to provide a more social, collaborative and effective online learning experiences
  • Enable deployment of experiential blended ELearning programs at scale.