VAXEL Terms & Conditions

The following terms apply to all course enrolments on VAXEL Learning Platform offered offline and online by VAXEL Solutions Private Limited

Course Enrollment Validity

Unless otherwise stated, the course enrollment validity is for a period of one year from the date of enrollment. Post completion of initial one year enrollment period, the course subscription will be deactivated unless the subscription is renewed by mutual agreement and if subscription renewal option is available.Learners need to note that VSPL does not guarantee availability of same faculty / trainers /SMEs in the follow on batches. Further VSPL may change the content at its discretion and learners will need to peruse the updated content including but not limited to videos, online classes and course handouts, practice files and other course resources.

Course Payment

  • Course Payment Realization: Payments are subject to realization. In the event of any non-realization, VSPL reserves the right to pause / cancel course enrollment at its discretion.
  • Course Payment Mode: VSPL does not accept cash payments. All payments have to be through approved on line payment options such as Indian Net banking, Debit / Credit cards, UPI, mobile wallets (if available).
  • Course Payment Penalty: VSPL also reserves the right to add on penalties for delayed course installment payments without prejudice to other rights/remedies available under the laws of the Republic of India and the state of Maharashtra.
  • Batch Transfers: Learners should note that batch transfers, especially for live on line classes and In-person workshops are not entertained. If due to extenuating personal circumstances, VSPL may consider such requests on a case by case basis and only post receipt of full course fees.Further learner is liable to pay add on fees as decided by VSPL at its sole discretion and based on availability of alternative batches.In the event of non-availability of such batches, VSPL is under no obligation to honour learner batch change request and not liable for fee refund.
  • Course Fee Refund: Fees once paid are non-refundable.


VSPL will provide learners with a list of documents which are required to be submitted within 7 working days of course enrollment, failure to do so, will result in suspension of learner course enrollment and VSPL will not be liable to refund course fees already paid.

Live Online Class Scheduling

  • VSPL will notify learners of the class schedule at the time of enrollment.
  • VSPL reserves the right to cancel and / or modify class schedules and / or restrict access to course content at its discretion.For programs where the learner has pre paid fees, said fees will be refunded to the learner upto the amount actually paid by the learner. VSPL’s liability is limited to the amount pre-paid by the learner.
  • It s the learner’s responsibility to register before class commencement. post session commencement, if learner has missed a session(s) VSPL cannot conduct repeat sessions. VSPL will provide past session recordings if such recordings are available for said course.

Learner Code of Conduct

Learners are to act politely, courteously and sincerely with facilitators, VSPL staff and fellow learners. In the event of learner is behaving unreasonably, VSPL reserves the right to remove the learner from the batch and cancel learner’s course subscription, without any liability on the part of VSPL to refund course fees already paid by the learner. VAXEL Learning Platform is a online, adaptive, blended learning platform which aims to provide a holistic ,enabling learning environment , both off line and online , to its learners. Learners are expected to maintain professional behavior and decorum at all times, and treat their facilitator and fellow learners with respect.

Changes to Terms & Conditions

VSPL reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions at its discretion. The modifications will be updated in writing on this website or/and via email. The modified terms and conditions apply to all course enrolments on a retrospective basis unless stated otherwise in writing.

Dispute Resolution

  • All disputes will be referred to arbitration of a sole arbitrator appointed by VSPL. The arbitration proceedings will be conducted in Mumbai in English language.
  • The arbitration will be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 and the rules framed thereunder as amended from time to time.
  • Exclusive jurisdiction would be conferred on the courts in Mumbai under the relevant laws of the Republic of India and the State of Maharashtra.